• Children younger than 8 years old are allowed to ride only accompanied with an adult on one bobsleigh
  • Watch the track in front of you
  • Keep the spacing
  • Stay seated during your ride, get off at the top of the wooden terrace
  • Safety first


Rules of using the bobsleigh track

  1. Riders use the bobsleigh track at their own risk. Suitable clothing must be worn. Riding under the influence of alcohol strictly prohibited. Reckless driving may result in injury. Always brake in time, and drive onto the brake band very slowly at the end of the track.
  2. Ride at a speed that does not endanger yourself or others. Keep a distance of at least 25 m from the rider in front of you. If you collide with the rider in front of you, you bear full responsibility for all consequences.
  3. In wet and icy conditions, the operator is entitled to shut down the operation and close the bobsleigh track. If the track is wet, it may be used only with increased caution and with wet weather brake shoes fitted. If the track is wet, keep a safe distance of at least 50 m. In wet conditions, braking distances are longer and bobsleigh may skid.
  4. Do not stop on the bobsleigh track.
  5. Always face the direction in which you are travelling – do not turn around. Respect the traffic signs, and fully concentrate on the track section ahead of you (at least 25 m)
  6. Hold the brake with both hands. Do not touch the track or the lower part of the bobsleigh when riding.
  7. Children under 8 years of age may ride only if accompanied by an adult. Children must always sit in front. We recommend that children under 12 years of age use a protective helmet.
  8. Follow the corresponding or signalled starting intervals.
  9. Observe the operator’s instructions. If you fail to comply with the rules of use, you may be excluded from use without a refund.
  10. Don’t take any pictures and don’t shoot video while riding the bobsleigh (except devices with a fixed mount on head).
  11. By purchasing a ticket, each visitor undertakes to observe these rules of use. A refund is not provided for damaged or invalid tickets.