Bistro Bobovka Menu

Menu is available from Monday to Sunday
Pinsa Romana from Monday to Friday


85 CZK
Strong chicken broth, vegetables, noodles, liver dumplings 
Soup according to the daily menu 

Small for sharing

Beef tartare – 80g Beef from local butcher, truffle mayo, toasted baguettes225 CZK
Baked nachos with cheddar, jalapeno, dip variation145 CZK
Cauliflower steak, tartar sauce lamb’s lettuce155 CZK

Pinsa Romana

PICANTE – chorizo, tomatoes, jalapeno245 CZK
MARGHERITTA – tomatoes, basil, mozzarella195 CZK
QUATTRO FORMAGGI – blue cheese, smoked cheese, parmigiano, mozzarella265 CZK
PROSCIUTTO – ham, tomatoes, mozzarella225 CZK


Caesar salad – 100g Chicken or Halloumi225 CZK


HOT DOG BOBOVKA – ham sausage, ground beef, cucumber relish, fried onion, cheddar, dip165 CZK
HOT DOG SPICY – jalapeno, chilli dip125 CZK
French Fries – 200g, dip85 CZK
Etra dip (aioli, pepper, tatar souce, truffle mayo, BBQ, mayo)35 CZK


150g BEEF BASIC BURGER, cheddar, mustard, cucumber, onion, ketchup195 CZK
150g BEEF „FITNES“ BURGER, cheddar, bacon, pepper sauce, cucumber, onion, aioli dip245 CZK
300g BEEF BOBOVKA BURGER, cheddar, onion marmalade, l amb’s lettucelettuce, BBQ sauce, aioli dip335 CZK
100g CHIKEN CAESAR WRAP, iceberg lettuce, fresh vegetables, Caesar dressing195 CZK
100g VEGE WRAP, iceberg lettuce, chesse, fresh vegetables, aioli dressing185 CZK
200g Sundried tomato and pesto stuffed grilled chicken breast, basil pesto225 CZK
500g Pork ribs roasted in dark beer, mustard, horseradish, pickled vegetables, bread335 CZK
100g Grilled Camembert, cranberries, baguette145 CZK
1pcs Grilled Corn95 CZK
1pcs Baked potato, quark, chives85 CZK

Desserts – Offer of the day. You can choose from the variety of snacks in our cooled display



Coffee, Tea and Hot Drinks

Espresso 7g60 CZK
Double espresso 14g85 CZK
Espresso macchiato 7g60 CZK
Espresso lungo (espresso with hot water) 7g60 CZK
Flat White 14g105 CZK
Cappuccino 7g95 CZK
Caffé latte 7g95 CZK
Viennese coffee95 CZK
Algerian coffee125 CZK
Irish coffee135 CZK
Loose tea …according to the menu80 CZK
Fresh mint tea80 CZK
Ginger tea80 CZK
Hot chocolate 2Dcl95 CZK
Cocoa70 CZK
Grog95 CZK
Whipped cream20 CZK
Vegetable milk20 CZK
All the coffees we offer can also be served decaffeinated. 
We will be happy to serve you your favourite coffee or hot drink to go. 

Coffee specialities

Flavoured Cappuccino115 CZK
Ice Caffé latte with caramel115 CZK
Ice coffee with vanilla ice cream125 CZK
Espresso & Tonic95 CZK

Caffé Frappé – Greek style coffee

Traditional unflavoured 40 cl95 CZK
Flavoured 40 cl115 CZK

Soft Drinks

Mattoni sparkling 50 cl45 CZK
Mattoni soft sparkling 50 cl45 CZK
Aquila non-sparkling 50 cl45 CZK
Carafe of water 80 cl70 CZK
Granini juice 20 cl65 CZK
Pepsi Cola can 33 cl65 CZK
Mirinda, 7Up can 33 cl65 CZK
Schweppes Tonic can 33 cl65 CZK

Fresh Lemonade

YUZU Lemonade 40 cl65 CZK
YUZU Lemonade 80 cl115 CZK
MANGO Lemonade 40 cl65 CZK
MANGO Lemonade 80 cl115 CZK
Elderflower lemonade with mint 40 cl65 CZK
Elderflower lemonade with mint 80 cl95 CZK
Raspberry lemonade with mint 40 cl65 CZK
Raspberry lemonade with mint 80 cl115 CZK
Bobovka Lemonade (forest fruits, lemon, mint) 40 cl65 CZK
Bobovka Lemonade (forest fruits, lemon, mint) 40 cl115 CZK

Lemonade on tap

Raspberry, Real Cola 30 cl35 CZK
Raspberry, Real Cola 50 cl45 CZK

Homemade Ice Tea

Earl Grey Ice Tea with mint and lime 40 cl65 CZK
Earl Grey Ice Tea with mango and lime 40 cl65 CZK
Earl Grey Ice Tea with mint and lime 80 cl95 CZK
Earl Grey Ice Tea with mango and lime 80 cl95 CZK

Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Life is Live 30 cl105 CZK
VirGIN α Tonic, pink grapefruit120 CZK
Virgin Mojito 30 cl105 CZK

White Wine

Pepper, Veltínské Zelené (Austria, Pfaffl) 15 cl95 CZK
Pepper, Veltínské Zelené (Austria, Pfaffl) 75 cl450 CZK
Peach, Rhine Riesling (Austria, Pfaffl) 15 cl 
95 CZK
Peach, Rhine Riesling (Austria, Pfaffl) 75 cl 450 CZK
Pálava, Arte Vini, Morava690 CZK
Chardonnay, Argentina690 CZK

Red Wine

Plum, St. Laurent 15 cl 95 CZK
Plum, St. Laurent 75 cl 450 CZK
Cherry, St. Laurent 15 cl 95 CZK
Cherry, St. Laurent 75 cl 450 CZK
Primitivo, taly690 CZK
Malbec, Argentina690 CZK

Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, Cava, Champagne

Frizzante Extra Dry 15 cl95 CZK
Frizzante Extra Dry 75 cl390 CZK
Prosecco DOC 15 cl135 CZK
Prosecco DOC 75 cl590 CZK
Cava Bach Brut Nature690 CZK
Piper Heidsieck Champagne1990 CZK

Gin, Vodka

4 cl
Stoli Vodka 40% alc.80 CZK
Greenal’s Gin 40% alc.80 CZK
Greenal’s WildBerry Gin 37,5% alc.90 CZK
Roku Gin 43% alc.140 CZK
June Gin 37,5% alc.140 CZK 
Bohemian Gin  45% alc.140 CZK
Gin Mare 42,7% alc.150 CZK

Spritz, Wine Drinks

30 cl

YUZU Spritz (YUZU, Prosecco, pink grapefruit)

125 CZK

HUGO Spritz (Elderflower scented wine spritzer and lemon zest )    

125 CZK

Aperol Spritz (Aperol, Prosecco, Sparkling Water and orange )

125 CZK

MIMOSA (Orange Juice, Prosecco and orange)    

135 CZK

JUNE Spritz (June Gin, Prosecco, Sparkling Water and lime )  

155 CZK

Campari Spritz (Aperol, Prosecco, Sparkling Water and orange )


Gin  & Tonic Premium

30 cl

BASIC Gin Tonic (Greenal’s Gin, Tonic, lime)

135 CZK

Pink Gin Tonic BOBOVKA (Greenal’s Wildberry Gin, Tonic, raspberry puree)

155 CZK

Magic Gin Tonic (Greenal’s Gin, Tonic, Blue Tea)

175 CZK

YUZU Gin Tonic (Roku Gin, Tonic, Grapefruit, Yuzu)    

175 CZK

Gin Mare α Tonic (Gin Mare, Tonic, rosemary, dried tomato)

185 CZK

Habanero Gin α Tonic (Garage22 habanero Gin, Chilli, pepper, Tonic) 

195 CZK

Long drinks, Cocktails

30 cl

Mojito (Rum, Lime, Cane Sugar, Mint, Water)

165 CZK

Cuba Libre (Rum, Pepsi Cola, Lime)

145 CZK

Vodka Lemonade (vodka, 7Up, lemon)

145 CZK

Campari Soda (Campari, Soda, Orange)

145 CZK

Liqueurs, Vermouth, Aperitivo 4 ml      

4 cl
Becherovka 38% alc.95 CZK

Jägermeister 35% alc.

95 CZK
Fernet Stock70 CZK
Griotka 20% alc.70 CZK
Zelená 20% alc.70 CZK
Egg liqueur 20% alc.80 CZK
Domestic rum 37.5% alc.80 CZK
Campari Bitter 25% alc.80 CZK
Aperol 11%alc.80 CZK
Martini Rosso, Dry, Bianco 10cl95 CZK

Distillates, Rum, Ron, Rhum

4 cl

Abuelo Rum 12YO 40% alc. (Panama)

150 CZK

Flor de Caňa Rum 4YO 40% alc. (Nicaragua)

80 CZK

Flor de Caňa Spresso 30% alc. (Nicaragua)

90 CZK

Flor de Caňa Rum 12YO 40% alc. (Nicaragua)

150 CZK

Legendario Elixír 34% alc. (Cuban specialty made from 7-year-old rum)

80 CZK

Zacapa 23YO 40% alc. (Guatemala)

180 CZK

Relicario Ron 40% alc. (Dominican Republic)

150 CZK
Captain Morgan Spiced  37,5% alc.80 CZK

Whisky, Whiskey

4 cl
Johnnie Walker Black Label120 CZK
Dubliner Irish Whiskey120 CZK
Talisker 10YO, single malt Whisky180 CZK
The Singleton 12YO malt Whisky160 CZK
Bulleit Bourbon 45% alc.140 CZK
Jim Beam Bourbon 45% alc.120 CZK

Fruit spirits

4 cl
Baron Hildprandt 50%120 CZK
BH Ripe Pear 40%120 CZK
BH Ripe Raspberry 40%120 CZK
Grappa140 CZK


Bakalář 12° 30cl45 CZK
Bakalář 12° 50cl70 CZK
Craft draught beer by offer of the day 40 cl60 CZK
Birell  Pomelo 30cl45 CZK
Birell  Pomelo 50cl65 CZK


Allergens: information on allergens contained in the dishes offered is available on request from the staff.

1) Cereals containing gluten
2) shellfish and shellfish products
3) eggs and egg products
4) fish and fish products
5) peanuts and products thereof
6) soya beans (soya) and products thereof
7) milk and products thereof
8) nuts and products thereof
9) celery and products thereof
10) mustard and products thereof
11) sesame seeds (sesame) and products thereof
12) sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations greater than 10 mg, ml/kg, 1, expressed as SO2
13) lupins (lupin) and products thereof
14) molluscs and products thereof

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